Promoción Moda

The origins of the people behind PROMOCION MODA belong to the Hernandez family, entrepreneurs and pioneers on the textile distributing industry, who became an icon in San Sebastian, Spain.

A family company enrooted in San Sebastian in the fashion business that involves from shops to franchises and the importation of well-known European brands.

PROMOCION MODA was born in 1986, but it has been since 2009, when it has implemented a new strategic dimension with new investors.

Distribuidores de moda en España

We focus within our company to maximize capacities in order to offer our customers innovative products with a high added value. The persons in our company, working as a team, guarantee the consecution of our aims. We are compromise to legal, social, security, health, nature, guide our activity. Our flexibilty,the development of new business relations, innovation and flexibility are at the core of our strategy. We aim to be the leader in the distribution of textile garments, and this is why we offer the right products, franchises, shops…

We aim to create a company with a european focus and working within a global world.
We guarantee a high customer satisfaction where a good service is part of our day to day business.
Compromise, team work, efficiency, conciliation are our identity and we are convinced that our staff, suppliers, customers and competition are the best assets of our company.
We are leaders in management innovation and we look for business oportunities with potential partners worldwide

Personal compromise. Honesty in communication. Strict behaviour. Innovation and leadership. Constant training. Ethics. Respect to the laws, social rules. Always looking for customer satisfaction.